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Croatia, Russia, emotions, wonderful people, Love

We came to the end of this 2018 year and found ourselves in the situation that apart from all the announcements on social networks, the website remained without the beautiful couples who decided to say "yes" at our estate this summer.

One of the first weddings at the beginning of July was perhaps the most emotional to date, both for the bride and groom, and for everybody around them. So much love among the bride and groom, among their friends, who are already in long lasting marriages, and they look like the first day they met. They gave hope that true love exists, with all the ups and downs we get from this thing called Life.

They wanted all very simple, because the most important was having fun with the loved ones. It was a white wedding - from the dress code to the decorations by Djana from the "Event and Wedding Zone", while every white detail as well as emotions were caught by expert "click" from Tomica Rašetina. Food was catered by always excellent catering "Favory".

And just for the end, as the title says, we will also remember the victory Croatia over Russia, and how we celebrated all this you can see in gallery.:)

Photo: Tomica Rašetina (instagram: @tomica_rasetina_weddings, facebook: Tomica Rasetina Photography)

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